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Birth is:  power, beauty, love, sensual, slow, patient, intense, powerful.

     My beliefs about birth were formed from my own births.  When I first became pregnant when I was 19 and newly married, I was very naive about birth.  My mom had me in the hospital naturally and my brother at home so I never questioned my ability to birth my baby.  I planned a home birth with a midwife my friend was using.  My decision to homebirth started me on the path to where I am today.  Today, I trust the birth process.  All fourteen of my children have been birthed at home, 13 with the same midwife.  I hope to eventually apprentice under her.
     The views I currently have about birth are due to my Faith and my personal birth experiences.  As a Catholic, I believe God created our bodies in a most perfect way.  His creations are perfect.  Knowing my body was created in this way has reinforced in my mind that our bodies are made to birth.  Everything about it is geared towards the creation of life; my hormones (as fluctuating as they are), my breasts, my hips, and my tendencies to nurture and love.
     I want to help women experience a beautiful birth.  I want to help babies be united to their mothers directly after birth, or as soon as possible when complications arise.  A mother and baby need each other and this need shouldn't be ignored.
    I am certified under Birth Arts International as a Birth Doula and working towards my certification as a Childbirth Educator.  This organization is strongly rooted in the holistic model of care and encourages the use of aromatherapy and herbs as well as good nutrition and exercise.

  My hobbies include oil painting,  running half marathons with my husband and a few of my children (even while pregnant), canning, reading, raising rabbits and chickens, drinking coffee, and eating dark chocolate!  🙂


February 2021.  All 14 of my kids as well as two son-in-laws and my first grandson!  We now have three grandsons.  <3
The Real Waggoner Family

Missing a few kiddo's but this is the Real Waggoner Family <3