Coconut Oil – The #1 Item For Your Baby’s Skin Care

I use coconut oil for everything. I put it in my coffee and cook my family’s food in it. I make my handmade soap with it and use it on my skin as a lotion. I even put it on my babies.

I’ve used coconut oil on my skin for quite some time before I used it on my daughter’s diaper rash.  Whenever I used to change a diaper and find redness on their skin I always used zinc oxide on them.  It was sticky so it didn’t absorb away too fast and it seemed to protect their skin from further irritation.  I sometimes still use it for this purpose, but very rarely now.

Month’s ago I was changing my daughter and she was red in the folds of her legs.  That’s pretty common for little babies as they wear diapers and that part of their body doesn’t get much air.  This can irritate it as skin is an organ and needs to breathe.  Anyway, I went to put some zinc oxide in the folds of her legs but found it missing from my changing table; pretty common occurrence in a house full of children.  I did have some coconut oil sitting there that I had used on some dry skin of hers right after she was born.  I applied this to her folds and amazingly enough her skin was completely normal looking the next time I changed her diaper.  I’ve never seen healing happen this fast.  I was sold.  Now, I hardly ever use anything but coconut oil.

Why does coconut oil work so well?  

Besides the fact that I know what’s in that jar of coconut oil and I can pronounce every ingredient without a college degree, the properties of coconut oil are conducive to healing.

The saturated fats in coconut oil have acids in them that convert themselves into antimicrobial and anti-fungal agents.  This makes it effective against many medical conditions, including rashes, Candida, aging, and fungus just to name a few.  Also, coconut oil has small cellular structure, making it easier for the skin to absorb into its’ cells.

Besides diaper rashes, what else can you use coconut oil for?

Cradle Cap.  If your baby is prone to cradle cap (mine is) then rub a teaspoon, or less, or oil into their scalp.  I will do this a few hours (or sometimes everyday for a few days) before giving her a bath.  Rub your baby’s head gently and the dead skin should come off easily.  Depending on how bad it is you may need to do this a few times.  Olive oil has also worked well for me.

Meconium Cleanup.  Meconium is some sticky stuff.  Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to your baby’s clean bottom and it will just wipe up when she needs her diaper changed.

Baby Acne. With it’s antibacterial properties it will help the acne heal.  Apply a thin layer once or twice daily.

Dry Skin.  Newborns usually get dry skin in various common areas; wrists, arms and ankles are common for my babies.

Red, Irritated Skin.  This is common behind the ears, in the folds of the neck, in the folds of skin behind the knee and elbow, and in the diaper area.  Apply a thin layer in these areas at least twice a day.

Teething Pain Relief.  I read that rubbing coconut oil directly onto the gums of teething babies can ease the pain.  I’ve never tried this though.

Nipple Cream.  If you’re having nipple pain from nursing you can apply a thin layer after nursing your baby.  Dry your nipple first and apply the oil after each nursing until you heal.  As coconut oil is wholesome, it will not hurt your baby to leave the oil on your breast.  There’s no need to wipe it off!

If you have used coconut oil on your babies in ways other than I’ve listed, please share below.  I’d love to know how it has helped you and your little one!