Online Resources

Please understand that I don’t recommend people/companies/websites I don’t have personal experience with.  Any company I list here I have used or know someone (very well) that has used them, and been pleased with their service!  Know that their products can be trusted!

Postpartum Depression Support – Blog with recent information on how nutrition effects symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Breastfeeding Care – Up to date evidence based information from Texas Tech University’s Dr. Thomas Hale on safety and use of medication during pregnancy and lactation. – Reliable information for parents and provider’s regarding safety of medications and herbal preparations on breastfeeding.


Fit2B – Lots of exercise videos for expecting moms and postnatal moms.  She has so many to choose from, for mom and even the kids!  This is a refreshing change from the usual exercise websites as she is modest in her workouts, no tight clothes or revealing shirts!!  Love this site.  🙂

MuTu System – She offers a 12 week program that heals your pelvic floor from having children.  I’m currently in week 2 and am loving it!

The Tummy Team – While pregnant, her six week program took my diastasis recti from a 4.5 a 2.5, WHILE 32 WEEKS PREGNANT!!  I’m now 4 months postpartum and my diastasis recti is at a 1.  I had to check a couple of times because I didn’t believe it!  I highly recommend this program if you are suffering from this condition.

The Fitness Blender – I just discovered this married couple.  They offer gobs of workout videos FOR FREE!!  I’ve been going through them and setting up a calendar that they provide in their member area.  You can customize your exercises to exactly what you are looking for.  For example, last night I did a 5 minute warm up, a 15 minute leg video and a 10 minute crunch-less ab video.  I finished off with my own stretching but they offer a video for that too!  This is a great resource when you’re trying to save a few dollars but want to tone up as well.

Spinning Babies – This page gives lots of instruction on Optimal Fetal Positioning and exercises to help mom to achieve this.  I’ve taken Gail’s full day class on Spinning Babies as well as some of her shorter classes.  If you have this opportunity I highly recommend it as she is a very charming and knowledgeable midwife.


Trim Healthy Mama – This is a low carb diet filled with good, healthy fats and carbs.  It’s very popular right now.


Mountain Rose Herbs – I use this company because of it’s high quality herbs and lower prices.  I’m lucky enough to have them local but even with shipping I’ve found them to be one of my cheaper sources of herbs.  Their packaging is also very sturdy.  I continue to store them in the plastic ziploc style bags they come in because they are packaged so well.  I highly recommend this company.

Christian Healthcare Ministries – This is the health co-op we use for our ‘health insurance’.  It qualifies for the Affordable Care Act.  It is a wonderful company that requires you to be a Christian in order to be a part of their co-op.  I have had to turn in two different claims and both went smoothly.  To top it off they are the most affordable option I’ve seen yet!  We pay $280 a month for 13 people (although I’m planning on raising it soon to $305).


Zaycon Fresh – I love the meat from this company!  I buy from them all the time, especially their chicken breast.  They are very reasonably priced and their meat is of high quality.

Zofran Lawsuits – Many people do not know that Zofran has only been approved for cancer patients battling nausea and vomiting.  As a result of taking Zofran while pregnant, many children have been born with birth defects such as cleft lip and palate, clubfoot–and even serious heart defects that have caused death!  They are working to inform mothers of the dangers of taking Zofran while pregnant.  

Grove Collaborative – This is an online company that sells all natural cleaning and household products.  They are all very high quality and are well priced.

Make Over Your Mornings Course – I have really enjoyed taking this course!  She seems like such a sweet woman and really has her act together.  She shares with you ideas on how to organize your mornings to work for you and your family in your particular “season of life”.  Another great thing is how inexpensive her courses are!  I was very pleasantly surprised.

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