Turn the Lights Down Low and Let the Oxytocin Flow!
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Childbirth is a very quiet, intimate experience, not only for the mother but for the baby and those attending the birth.  During intimate times it’s fitting to have the lights down low as this actually helps labor progress. But, why is this and what causes it? Oxytocin, the love hormone, is released during labor, intimacy,…

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This week’s wanderings – 3.19.16

Every week I plan to post links to various blog posts I find on the internet that interest me.  They may be posts that just resonate with me right then, or maybe have a similar subject to posts I may have posted in the previous week.  Either way, I see them as beneficial and helpful, and…

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Why I Home Birth

Home.  This is where I prefer to birth.  I realize not everyone is physically able to do the same or are comfortable with this idea but for my situation this has always been ideal.   Home is where a woman feels most comfortable.  She can go where she pleases and do as she pleases.  She…

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