Husband’s Experience Using a Doula For the First Time

A very blessed new mom and dad with their beautiful little girl! A doula's dream. :)

This was our first time using a doula. From my end I really wanted my wife to own the experience and was willing to do whatever she needed. But, honestly, I had two reservations; first the financial end, secondly, I was a bit skeptical of the usefulness and effectiveness of a doula as this was…

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Happy baby girl!

I didn’t get to know Diana till I was pretty much in labor, but her calm natured, soft voice and gentle touch was exactly what I needed to help get me through my home birth. If my husband and I decide to have another baby, I will definitely have her back on my team. She not only was a…

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What a big boy!!

At the hospital Diana was there the whole time doing what she could to help me. The best thing she did for me was getting me to walk around. I was having really bad back labor and she knew walking would help shift the baby out of my back. When it came to me finally…

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