Husband’s Experience Using a Doula For the First Time

A very blessed new mom and dad with their beautiful little girl! A doula's dream. :)

This was our first time using a doula. From my end I really wanted my wife to own the experience and was willing to do whatever she needed. But, honestly, I had two reservations; first the financial end, secondly, I was a bit skeptical of the usefulness and effectiveness of a doula as this was our second child and we seemed to do pretty well without any other assistance.

During this experience both of these issues were dealt with for us. Firstly, dealing with the financial end, I recognize that we have spent more money on less important things in the past. This is the same cost as a car breakdown, a weekend out of town, or a family member falling on hard times. Money goes just as fast as it comes and I was glad to invest in a wonderful birth experience for our family. Secondly, Diana was very useful during the process of bringing my wife support, peace of mind and coming up with ideas that I would have never had during labor and delivery that made the experience ideal. She was effective, adding considerably to the process while subtracting nothing.

As for the birth itself it was different this time, in a good way. Having Diana with my wife and I, we were as a team, working together.  The hospital nurses had no choice than to go along with us. During our prior birth experience it seemed like my wife and I were in opposition to the nursing staff, debating on how to proceed.  With the plan Diana helped us create and her support during the process we took the lead, creating the birth that we wanted, rather than compromising for the convenience of others. We had an intervention and medication free birth, largely in the tub. Diana thought of using the detachable shower head to pour on my wife’s lower back which dramatically soothed her during the hardest parts of labor.

Diana brings calmness, strategy, support, and creativity that are worth investing in.