What are my qualifications?

When choosing a doula it’s important to choose someone who knows what they are doing and someone you are comfortable with.  Read this page to learn a bit about me personally and then read the following page to learn about my qualifications.

Certifications/Education/Experiences Of Me As A Birth Doula

* My biggest ‘education’ is from personal experience.  I have given birth naturally fourteen times.  My labors, from start to finish, tend to be long; ranging from 14 hours up to 3 days.  I usually have a long prodomal labor, or pre-labor, due to posterior positioning of my babies.  However, once I convince my baby to move, my labor kicks into full swing and goes fast from there.

* I took a Bradley based Childbirth Education class through Eugene Birth Education in 2013 and a Hypnobabies based Childbirth Education class in 2014.

* I am a Certified Birth Doula and (almost certified!!) Childbirth Educator through the organization Birth Arts International to help facilitate my clients reimbursement through their insurance companies.  As it is currently very rare for a client to get reimbursed for their doula I’m hoping that this will change as insurance companies learn more about the benefits of having a doula.  I will do whatever I can to facilitate reimbursement for my clients.

* I earned my Neonatal Resuscitation Program Card through the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP/NRP Card).  I completed my testing with Karen Strange, a well-known trainer recommended worldwide for her midwifery model of care approach to resuscitating a newborn baby back in 2016.  It does need to be renewed though.  I plan to do this soon.

* I certified as a Placenta Encapsulator in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards in April 2016.

Diana Waggoner - BBP Certificate 4-17-2016

Continuing Birth Education/ Midwifery/Doula Conference Attendance

* Midwifery Today Conference 2011, where I studied techniques to help the baby have proper positioning as well as helpful solutions for shoulder dystocia.

* Midwifery Today Conference 2013, where I studied spinning babies, doula techniques, pregnancy exercise, herbal remedies, prolonged labor, and proper nutrition during pregnancy and beyond.

* Midwifery Today Conference 2015, where I furthered my study of spinning babies (class given by Gail Tully herself where I was blessed to be used as her ‘model’ for her exercises), emergency midwifery, herbal, homeopathic, and essential oil remedies, Rebozo techniques, nutrition, emergency infant resuscitation and prolonged labor.

Local Community Volunteering

* When I lived in Oregon, I volunteered for the Fern Ridge Gleaners as their Treasurer and Co-coordinator.  I volunteered with this group for over ten years and served as their treasurer and co-coordinator for six years.