Doulas and Dads

Doulas and Dads

Sometimes dads just want to experience the birth with the mother, not worry about what he should be and not be doing to help mom. Maybe he doesn’t know what to do to help mom? Or, maybe he’s not sure if what mom is going through is normal or not. The birth doula helps mom, and especially dad, know that the birth process is normal. We answer any questions you may have about procedures you will be offered for you and your baby. We also bring with us a ‘doula bag’ full of items that can be used during your birth; a rebozo to help with positioning the baby, massage oils, honey sticks, a mirror, fan, toiletries, breath mints, etc.

How does a Doula involve Dad?

We know that Dads are sometimes pretty nervous and don’t always know what to do. A doula helps Dad by giving him any information he’s looking for, getting him something to drink, or just letting him know what is happening during the different stages of labor. It can be difficult watching your wife go through childbirth and not knowing what can be of help to her.  We give dad ideas on where to touch, provide gentle instruction with regards to what to do, and quite often it’s as simple as reminding them to use the restroom (and that it’s ok to do so!)or to look as the baby is being born.

What is the biggest misconception about Doulas?

The biggest misconception is that a doula takes the place of Mom’s partner and this isn’t true at all. We don’t aim to replace anyone and are there for both parents. We offer moral support and stress relief to Mom AND Dad.  We are your constant.  When the doctors and nurses change shifts we stay there by your side.