When should you call your doula?

When should you call me?

When you suspect you are in labor I want you to immediately call me (not text) on my cell phone. If I don’t answer, please try calling twice before leaving a voicemail. Then, try my home number and, if necessary, my husband’s cell and my backup’s cell. When I’m on call I bring my phone EVERYWHERE with me, even to bed. I haven’t missed a call yet! You’ll find my phone numbers on the magnet I gave you at our first prenatal, as well as on all the various paperwork I’ve given you.

The following are possible signs of labor, although not definitive signs. It is important to call me and let me know you are having these signs. This will help me prepare for attending your birth by allowing me the time necessary to get my family and duties in order if, in fact, labor is starting.

Preliminary Signs:

* Blood-tinged mucus discharge (bloody show)
* Trickle of fluid leaking from vagina with no contractions
* Contractions are occurring but do not become longer, stronger, or closer together over time

Positive Signs:

* Contractions that become longer, stronger, and closer together over time
* Breaking of the bag of waters followed by contractions, within hours

When to call your care provider immediately, before calling me (emergency situation):

* Preliminary or positive signs of labor prior to 37 weeks gestation
* Bag of waters breaks and it is foul-smelling
* Bag of waters breaks and it is greenish or brownish
*Water breaks and you feel something protruding from your vagina. This may be a prolapsed cord and is an immediate emergency. Immediately get on all fours, place your head on the ground with your butt in the air and have someone call 911 and your care provider immediately!!